8. – 29. September 2018
HYDROCOMMONS: WATERY BODIES AND FLUID EXCHANGE: die aktuelle Einzelausstellung der finnischen Künstlerin Riikka Tauriainen wird von SVFF Kultur unterstützt. Riikka Tauriainen lebt und arbeitet in der Schweiz.
Ausstellung Riikka Tauriainen

September 8 – September 29, 2018
Opening, September 7 // 7 PM
Stationsstrasse 21, 8003 Zürich

Living bodies are necessary for the proliferation of the Hypersea, which arose when life moved out of marine waters and by necessity folded a watery habitat «back inside of itself.» When we drink a glass of water, we amplify this Hypersea, as we sustain our existence through other webs of physical intimacy and fluid exchange.

In this act of ingestion, we come into contact with all of our companion species that inhabit the watershed from which that water was drawn — book lice, swamp cabbage, freshwater mussel. But we connect with the sedimentation tanks, and rapid-mix flocculators that make that water drinkable, and the reservoir, and the rainclouds, too. Hypersea extends to include not only terrestrial flora and fauna, but also technological, meteorological, and geophysical bodies of water. (Astrida Neimanis)