18. Januar 2022, 18:00 Uhr
SVFF Kultur
SVFF Culture organises a virtual tour of the exhibition “Intimate Touch” at the Finnish Design Museum on 18.01 at 18:00-18:45 (Swiss time) SVFF Kulttuuri järjestää virtuaali opastuksen “Intiimin kosketus” näyttelyyn Design museoon 18.01 kello 18:00-18:45
Intiimin kosketus: Virtual Tour at Finnish Design Museum

The Design Museum’s main exhibition for autumn 2021 explores the intimate relationship between clothing and the body through seven thematic entities. The exhibition features products and works by 40 fashion designers, artists and brands with links to Finland.

The exhibition highlights the impact of digitalization and datafication on the work of the designer as well as the mechanisms through which fashion is manufactured, distributed and consumed. The exhibition is based on extensive research on the work of the most prominent Finnish fashion designers of the 2020s and beyond, as well as that of the more anonymous designers behind contemporary work uniforms and wearable technology.

The virtual tour is open to the first 30 people to sign up.

The tour is in English and free of charge.

To register, send an email by 16.01: aczugac@gmail.com / Anu-Maaria Calamnius-Puhakka

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Photo: Design Museum, Mika Kailes